Ronald Nzimora, an E-commerce magnate has revealed in a series of well articulated lessons, methods to fire up your e-commerce business. Below are the lessons in Detail:

Introduction To The Ecommerce Mastery Class

Module 1- Lesson 2: Business Mindset

Module 1-Lesson 3: How To Find A Niche Market

Module 1 -Lesson 4: How To Find Hot Selling Products (Home Shopping Channels)

Module 1-Lesson 5: How To Find Hot Selling Products (Online Ecom Stores)

Module 1-Lesson 6: How To Find Hot Selling Products (Google Searches)

Module 1-Lesson 7: How To Find Hot Selling Products (Crowdfunding Sites)

Module 1-Lesson 8: How To Find Hot Selling Products (TV Shows And Online Ads)

Module 1-Lesson 9: How To Test For Market Viability

Module 1-Lesson 10: The Selection Criteria For The Best Products

Module 2-Lesson 1: Product Sourcing – Intro

Module 2-Lesson 2: How To Use Product Sourcing Platforms (Alibaba And 1688)

Module 2-Lesson 3: How To Either Hire Reliable Inexpensive Sourcing Agents Or DIY

Module 2-Lesson 4: How To Ship Products To Your Location For Cheap

Module 3-Lesson 1: Product Listing – Intro

Module 3-Lesson 2: Online Marketplaces

Module 3-Lesson 3: Online Marketplaces And Your Website

Module 3-Lesson 4: Your Website

Module 4-Lesson 1: Marketing – Intro

Module 4-Lesson 2: Where To Run Your Adverts

Module 5-Lesson 1: Product Delivery – Intro

Module 5-Lesson 2: How To Ship Products To Buyers

Module 5-Lesson 3: Best Payment Methods

Module 5-Lesson 4: How To Track Product Deliveries

Module 6-Lesson 1: Business Management And Scaling – Intro

Module 6-Lesson 2: How To Scale Your Business

Module 6-Lesson 3: How To Manage Business Growth