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Online Advertising; Types And Features


Online Advertising; Types And Features

Running a business and looking to market and advertise by using a platform other than the traditional media i.e. television, radio, etc.?

Then online advertising is your best bet. It is highly recommended for every brand that wants to reach more people; wants to work with a lower budget as this option is not as expensive and you can also track the ad progress. As an internet user, you get exposed to an incredible amount of ads every day; when you’re watching a YouTube video and an ad pops up; When you are on Instagram, you stumble on ads. Try to use a search engine, you also see ads. They are everywhere on the internet right and have proven to be an effective way of reaching your target market and thereby hitting your business goals. Interestingly, there are diverse options and types of online advertising to pick from. Below, we are going to highlight 5 different types and you get to determine which is best for your business model or if you want to adopt more than one. The key to choosing the best online advertising to use is to know where your target market is and then utilize that platform.

Social media marketing is gold. Statistics from 2019 show that about 3.2 billion people currently use social media platforms worldwide and Facebook leads the train. There are different social media platforms to explore from. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are the most popular but not the only existing platforms. Leveraging on this number means that more people get to know about your brand i.e. you get to increase your brand awareness, more exposure leads to more sales and also enhances customer relationships and if properly done can lead to brand loyalty. The benefits of this type of advertising cannot be overlooked. For maximum results, financial investment should be considered. Asides from sharing photos and videos to keep customers and potential ones up to speed about the latest events, sponsored ads should be properly done. You have to determine your business goals, have your quality content, determine your demographics and push your ads out by paying. The wider the reach, the more you pay.

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Email marketing is a popular one for advertisers. It can be used to update your clients on new offers and updates, newsletters or just brand information. Again, you have to set clear goals before you embark on this. Proper email marketing should be engaging and not spam or harass your readers with so many messages.  This option is also effective and inexpensive as well. There are so many soft wares to execute this e.g. Mailchimp, SendInBlue, etc.

Influencer marketing is the marketing you use by using celebrated people 1.e celebrities or known figures even in the internet space. A typical example is a shoe brand approaching a known fashion model or ‘fashionista’ to advertise on his/her page. The idea is to introduce the product to the high following. Thus, influencers are those that have the ability to influence a person’s opinion about something and they usually have a large following. Brands and businesses leverage on this and of course, it yields results but at a cost as these influencers have their service charges and it varies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEM/SEO) has one goal; to display your brand on search engine results. What this implies is that once a user searches for something on a platform like Google or any other search engine, if you have configured and done the setup, if a keyword is used and it has associated with yours, your website pops up. Usually, ads are placed in the first five (5) search results

When you think of Display Ads, think of the normal banners you see every day outside but in this case, it is on the internet. They are the campaigns and banners you see on websites, games and even social media e.g. Facebook.

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