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10 digital marketing tools to make your busines stand out


10 digital marketing tools to make your busines stand out

Over the years, different tools have evolved to help market our products and services in an efficient manner. One of these is digital marketing. Digital marketing is an online marketing strategy, that utilizes internet-based technology to promote services. For you to excel maximally as a digital marketer, you must be current on the trend of tools frequently updated. These tools are needed to monitor your web performances, suggest new topics for your blogs, monitor the traffics on your site, and so many more.

If you want your business to stand out among others, if you want to achieve economies of scale, if you crave product uniqueness among the rest, then check and follow these digital tools enumerated below.

1: Google analytics
Goggle Analytics is a web analytics service, that can track and report your website traffic. It shows all important information about your web performances including popular keywords, action taken and more. It gives the free tools you need to analyze your business in one place.

2: Yoast
This is a search optimization plugin for WordPress which add extra search engine data to each of your blog posts. This allows Google to easily read your page and increase your chances of ranking in the search results.

3: Hootsuite
Hootsuite is a social media management tool that offers an easy way to schedule your posts and check all of your social media accounts in one place. It set up streams for schedule messages, posts, mentions and more. You can even assign a comment to a team member for them to reply later.

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4: Tailwind
Tailwind stands out as being one of the top options for managing your Pinterest account. It gives easy allowance to scheduling your contents to insta and Pinterest. It automatically repins posts for you using an optimal posting schedule you create based on your specific audience engagement and traffic.

5: Ubersuggest
Ubersuggest is an SEO tool that helps generate keyword ideas for your content marketing strategy and production. It helps you come up with new work or blog topics with an easy suggestion tool.

6: Google keyword planner
Google keyword planner lets you know which of your business is active on Pinterest. It ensures active notifications to see how often your keywords are searched and if there are any changes over time.

7: SumoMe
SumoMe is a WordPress plugin that helps you grow your Email lists by allowing you to track your user’s behavior while on your site and make corrective adjustments. It uses their heatmaps to see where people are clicking, and their content analytics to see where contents stop reading.

8: Platform-based social media analytics
Platform-based social media analytics are the free analytics tools built into social media platforms themselves, on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others. What they do is to allow you to see each account as a unique single entity, equipping you with the ability to make different strategies for each social media platform.

9: Meetedger
Meetedger is a social media management tool, that helps you perform the task of a content manager without needing to hire one. It enables you to add tweets, updates, Facebook posts to your library, separated into as many categories as you want. It then set a calendar to schedule each category to post to a selected social media account at a specific time.

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10: Social pilot
Social pilot is a social media marketing tool used to increase brand and awareness and traffic. If you handle your customer interaction over multiple Facebook pages, social pilot’s social inbox can help you reply to all comments, messages, and posts in one place.

To sum it all, integrated business strategies are being pursued each day by many business enterprises, creating more value and awareness for their brands and products. Don’t be left out. Go through those marketing tools today and see them work wonders in promoting your business.

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