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10 Habits Common Among Poor People


10 Habits Common Among Poor People

Do you think getting wealthy is one of the hardest things you would ever do? Well, let’s have a look!!

Over my years of taking people through financial success and sustainability, I’ve been opportune to sturdy and see why the poor remain poor. It’s simply your mindset, your attitude towards money and your reactions towards those that money has chosen to stay with. Don’t get me wrong, money goes to whoever wants it bad enough, and is ready to make the required sacrifices. 

Poverty is first and foremost a state of mind that traps you from taking actions that will lift you out of the state you’re in. Trust me, you really can’t help it. It’s like being stuck in sinking sand. Have you ever wondered why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? It starts with proper time management. You would be shocked to find that the habits of poor people are completely different from that of the wealthy. They go through life in the complete opposite manner.

Now let’s discuss some of those terrible habits that are assisting you to remain in poverty.

1: Blaming others

The biggest mistake you can ever make is pointing fingers at others for your lack of success. Poor people do this a lot, they feel ‘if not for my parent’s divorce, I would have gotten the job’, or ‘ he was born with a silver spoon, I wasn’t’, and many more. Let me tell you, your level of success has nothing to do with others, its simply your decision. You will never see a rich man giving excuses, they know what they want, devise how to get it, and execute the deal. If you want to be among others living a fulfilled life, quit talking and start doing. You will see a positive result.

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2: Not saving money

This is another habit of the poor that needs to be addressed. There’s no proper money management in the school syllabus, and our parents aren’t even aware of it. Then we continue the cycle of spending mindlessly without having saved for emergencies. With this, the poor get nothing to fall back on during crisis and tend to go bankrupt.

Even though a rich man make constructive risk calculation, he still saves for unforeseen calamities, so why won’t you?

3: Accumulating debt

It’s no news that you must file for a loan to get capital before financing your business, but are you really loosing or gaining?

60% of businesses fallout because of loansharks, the interests are just always unbearable. But will it surprise you if I say this is a habit the poor enjoy doing? They think getting more debts will get them out of their misery, but they are just adding to their bills.  Joining overbearing cooperatives and borrowing exhaustively large amounts of money that they have no way to pay off is another enabler of debt.

4: Watching hours of TV Every Day

Watching hours of TV is synonymous with wasting hours of your time, but this is what poor people enjoy doing most. They spend their little money on big screens and subscriptions, watching others being celebrated. I’ve seen people spent a lot of amount repairing a faulty screen, but ask them to use that money to take a class and get skilled, they get offended. I’m not saying watching TV is bad, I have one in my home too, but spending hours on it without any profitable reason is just wrong.

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5: Nonchalant Attitude

If you head a business, and you display and ‘I don’t care’ attitude, how do you think the business will thrive? When you neglect the little changes and chances occurring at your business, the business will not succeed. Poor people take things as it happens, they don’t invest time and energy, they think if it’s not easily done, it’s not worth doing at all.

And More …

6: Being selfish

You see, you can’t demand abundance from the universe and not give back in return. Even the air we breathe is done by exchange!!

Poor people’s ideology goes thus, ‘I don’t have much money on me, I can’t give to charity’, or ‘if I give out from this money, it’s going to finish quick’. Where then are you building your investment? Money at hand is a liability, it goes off by spending, the only way is to let it flow, give it out and receive more in abundance. 

7: Gossiping

This is another thing poor people do often, having time-wasting conversations. Humans are the only mammals bless with multi-vocal cord, but they use it talking themselves down. This habit is common among the unserious poor where they never discuss their success or achievements, they only talk about faults in others, wasting time that should have been put into something great.

8: Not living in the present

Often times, the poor are too focused on the future and have difficulty letting the past go, that they forget to live in the present. For a wealthy man, tomorrow is today, because it’s not promised, he seized the moment and turn it to fortune. This is something the poor need to learn to save them from failure and regrets.

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9: Mindset

When people come to me to take them through the journey of financial freedom, I noticed they’re not ready to have what they want. They go by saying, ‘no, I can’t be as good as that’, or ‘I can’t have such a huge amount of money’. This attitude of the poor belittling themselves limits their potentials. If a rich and poor man drive through a neighborhood, the poor man thinks ‘I can never own such an apartment’, while the rich man thinks ‘how can I own such an apartment’, and start working on a plan. It is very simple, if you want wealth, you must believe you deserve to be wealthy and work towards your shortcomings. 

10 Playing the lottery

Gambling is one of the daily activities of the poor, where they spend their little amount, expecting something big in return when in reality, they have nothing to gain and everything to lose. If you spend #10 on gambling, it takes a big effort and more money to win back the #10. But a wealthy man sees gambling as a game of leisure, he will treat it as does a trip to the beach, losing nothing, gaining everything.

In conclusion, if you want to break forth from poverty, and you have any habit from above, work on it, it’s never too late.  Wealth is close, waiting for you to take a step forward and attain financial freedom. Take free courses online, learn a skill and equip yourself with the tools to break out of poverty.

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