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How To Promote Your Products Without Writing A Single Line Of Content


How To Promote Your Products Without Writing A Single Line Of Content

If you’re reading this then you’re probably interested in or are currently selling something. And you recognize how much of a chore it is to write article or reviews that explain whatever you’re selling or offering. You know what you’re selling is awesome, you’re just having difficulty getting people to pay attention to it. Good news is that there’s a single solution to all those problems, one where you get to promote your products without writing a single line of content. Intrigued? Read on

How To Ethically Steal Content From The Internet

The Conundrum we face as writers or content creators is ensuring that whatever it is that we write or produce is not lifted directly from the internet and placed as our own content. Plagiarism, they call it. But this method you are about to discover will allow you to promote other people’s content while simultaneously promoting your own products.


Trendmonitizer is a platform that automatically gives you access to own a trending article, video or any hot material ruling the internet at that moment. It generates a unique link to the trending article o google already generating thousands of traffic and allows you to embed your own unique link to your product in the video or article.

How It Works

When you search for something on the internet, the results displayed to you are usually the same displayed to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world searching for that same thing. So it’s safe to say that the link you click on Google has probably been clicked on by a hundred thousand people searching for that same thing you’re searching for. Google keeps showing that same link to all hundred thousand of you because it is relevant to what you’re searching for. What trend monetizer does is that it copies the article page and generates a link to it, while allowing you to piggyback on the article’s relevance and promote your own related product. So once you share those products across your social media, chances are the combination of the title and images that made a hundred thousand people click on it on google will also make at least a hundred more click on it on social media.

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TrendMonetizer utilizes an array of tools to function as the passive traffic generator it is currently known as. Some of them include:

TRENDING Content Curator;

Curates and uncover the latest marketing research and digital trends with data reports, guides, videos, and articles freshly crawled from the entire web.

 TRENDING Content Hijacker;

This feature hijacks the crawled contents from the web both web contents and video contents and allows you to embed custom messages to this content

 Social Media Automation;

This is another powerful feature of the app that does the basic social content curator which is, it crawls content and helps you push it to your social accounts either instantly or with the schedule feature

TRENDING Content Scheduler;

this helps users schedule contents either after customization or instantly

 Pixel Tracking;

The app also comes with a detailed tracking system that allows users to track their pixels and helps them with details analytics for retargeting

 Link Cloaking;

This feature allows you to shrink, cloak, track, organise, share and test all of your links on both (custom) domains and servers.

 Social Proof Notifications;

Instantly 3X purchase, downloads and signups on your website, sales and landing pages using social proof notifications.

 Add Call-To-Action;

As well, TrendMonetizer has a cool feature of adding a CTA to any content freshly crawled from the web and hijacked it article or video.

 Lead Generation Optin;

Integrate any Autoresponder of your choice and as well build your list by leveraging on any website authority using our optin feature.

Add Button-Link;

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this is one of our hijack feature that allows users to add a button link to his or her hijacked content be it web or video content.

 Social Sharing;

Directing share pulled contents to any social media account of your choice.

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) Builder;

Know where every website conversion comes from by adding UTM tags to all your links and amazing way to analyze and optimize your investments.

Detailed Analytics;

Get very in-depth analytics on your link activities so as to monitor and track your conversions

 Sub-User Management;

A user can invite multiple team members to use the account still with all the features available. This is awesome cause this way a user can invite his or her client to see results for themselves

You can click the link here to access Trenmonetizer.

Click here for a full review on Trendmonetizer

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