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10 Ways To Make Money Writing Online


10 Ways To Make Money Writing Online

There are several passionate writers around the globe today who write with their heart to it but like we all it is not enough to be passionate about a thing. It is more fun when your passion yields money. With the advent of the internet, it has become even easier to make money especially from home and writers are not left out. Writing online could be a side hustle for some and even a main job especially for those who are not exactly big fans of a 9-5 job.  There are several avenues one can make money from while writing online. Some of these avenues include;

Writing for content mills

A content mill is a slang used by freelance writers to refer to companies or websites that pay writers at a low rate, especially for a cheap website. A lot of freelance writers start from content mills writing. It is often seen as a means to build a writing portfolio and make quick cash but not necessarily a main source of income. The more experienced you are (that is, the larger your portfolio), the higher the rates you can demand.

Content marketing

Content marketing is an interesting field for writers who have a thing for marketing. A content marketing writer also has to be creative as they would have to create engaging and eye-catching content that would attract the right customers for a product. Most content marketing gigs, however,  a writing portfolio and this should include a basic understanding of marketing and SEO. Opportunities like this can be found on

Paying websites and magazines

There are tons of websites and magazines on the internet that pay writers for their write-ups. Some of them pay per word, others pay per article. Most of these magazines have a time frame when you can send in your pitch. It is one of the quickest ways to earn money as a writer online.

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Start your own blog

No matter how much we dodge it, every writer needs a blog at some point. It is for personal growth and development. On your blog, you can know what style of writing and what kind of content attracts your audience. You could come up with weekly content but do not forget to keep interesting and engaging as well.

Guest post

There are lots of blogs out there that accept posts from guests and even pay these writers. All you need do is get familiar with the blog and the kind of content they post and then make your guest pitch.

Become a best-selling author on amazon and kindle.

Do you have a story to tell? Or you want to make as an author? Thanks, to amazon and kindle, your dreams are not far-fetched. It has become relatively easy to be an author and earn from it. Although, this requires a lot of persistence and creativity to really make a mark. Do not forget to include a link on your blog as well.


You could also make money from offering ghostwriting services. A ghostwriter writes for a company or an individual and does not take the credit for it. There are several blogs, websites and even magazines in need of ghostwriters and they pay handsomely if you are good at what you do.


There are different types of writing and copywriting is an entire field on its own. A writer can develop his/ her skills in copywriting and go into it especially since the pay is attractive. Copywriting can be fun and interesting as you get to write a lot of different write-ups.

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Writing for SEO companies

There are lots of companies out there in need of content. These companies have various clients who they write and publish articles for. Getting linked with an SEO company as a writer would definitely bring returns for you.

Writing contests

Writing contests pop up every day and the beauty of it is that there is no distinguishing factor between professional writers and beginner writers. You could win cash prizes from these contests. They range from fiction to non-fiction.

The list of earning money while writing online is endless. The internet has made it easy to earn as writers especially if you know just where to delve into.

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