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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Ads


Digital Marketing vs Traditional Ads

It doesn’t involve rocket science to know that marketing is the bedrock of any business. Marketing involves selling what you do to other people; it requires you to promote your business to potential clients through various channels. The central goal of advertising is to help you reach more people who are likely to patronize your business.

Advertising as a business concept can be distinctly separated into digital advertising and the traditional method of advertising. Digital advertising or digital marketing involves the use of technology; social media, search engines, blogs et cetera. Traditional advertising, on the other hand, refers to the use of television, radio, flyers, newspapers to promote your business.

The debate on digital advertising and traditional advertising has gone on for years, and this has even caused a certain number of people to suggest that traditional advertising is dead. They have also been suggestions that traditional marketing is for old-fashioned business owners. To help you make the right choice, it is important that we explore the pros and cons of each advertising method.

Traditional advertising has a simple process: newspapers, TV spots, radio announcement reaches the audience directly. Also, the physical nature of fliers and business cards allows customers to hold onto you for as long as possible. It is also to be noted that TV and radio ads have a long-standing effect on people. If your advertisement is memorable, there is a huge chance you will be first to be called when a problem your business can solve arises. Even studies have shown that paper flyers have a higher brand remembrance than digital ads.

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On the other hand, traditional ads can be expensive to run. In spite of his cost, it could also be restricted to a small town. Traditional ads also allow for almost zero interaction with prospective clients. It encourages information over communication. In the same vein, traditional advertising does a job not-too-great at customer targeting.

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Digital marketing also comes with its pros and cons. For starters, digital advertising comes at a ridiculously low price. In fact, with social media platforms, a small business can begin advertising to friends and family at zero cost. Also, digital marketing allows you target the market perfect for your business. For example, if your business sells underwear for women, you can curtail a digital advertising plan which targets women of a particular age range. With digital advertising, you can also track how successful your ads are. By advertising on Google, you can make use of Google Analytics Tools to see how good or bad your tactics are working. With this, you can choose what to change and what not to.

Digital marketing also allows for communication with your potential customers. You can answer questions, get suggestions and even discover betters ways to advertise. There are a number of tools out there for small and large business owners; email marketing has MailChimp, Social media platforms like Facebook has Facebook Ads and Chatbots. The list goes on!

Cons of digital advertising? We’ll be sure to share when we find one!

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