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How To Make $1000 With Just Your Laptop In 2020


How To Make $1000 With Just Your Laptop In 2020

That topic sounded like a clickbait, right? I know, but that wasn’t my intention. The good news is this: it is very much possible to make $1000 or even more with just your laptop. The bad news is this: making money online with just your laptop isn’t as easy as those ads on your favorite blogs make it seem. To make money online, you have to invest your time, energy and commitment, except you want to settle for Ponzi schemes.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you a number of ways you can make a thousand dollars with just your laptop. Before you delve in, remember that this takes a bit of time, patience and consistency.

  1. Freelance writing: Writing is a profitable remote skill. Freelance writing has become more popular in recent times, and it is a field to tap into if you possess writing skills. With freelance writing, you do not have to meet with your customer, all they have to do is give you instructions, you write and you get paid! There are platforms that are ready to give you a shot such as a Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr. With consistency, you can make your first $1000.
  2. Online Teaching: With websites like Skooli and Tutor.com becoming more popular every day, this is the right time to enter the online tutoring space. Do you have professional knowledge of a particular subject? You can begin by teaching your clients on these platforms. You could teach a language, skill, musical instruments and so on. Freelancer and Upwork are also platforms that allow for tutoring gigs.
  3. Sell a skill on freelancing platforms: Skills like animation services, video and audio editing, digital marketing, lead generation, graphic design, app development, and programming can be done remotely without having to meet your client. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork offer you a chance to meet with potential clients, and with one lucky start, you are on your way to making $1000 and more.
  4. Open an e-commerce website: Do you have a business where you sell items? Opening an e-commerce site might just be the little tweak you need to make your business more lucrative. With an e-commerce site, customers can order, pay online and have your products delivered to them without ever having to meet you.
  5. Create online courses: This is closely related to tutoring online. When you create a course, you then sell to interested students who will learn at their own pace. You have to do the work once and get paid several times. You can make use of sites like Udemy and Teachable.
  6. Learn a skill: This is the reality; it is almost impossible to make money online without having remote skills. With a laptop, you can learn whatever skill for free on sites like Udemy. After earning, you will also be duly given a digital certificate.
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Put a bit of effort into following the steps above, and you will be counting a thousand dollars or more in no time.

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