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Leads And Marketing: What’s the Correlation


Leads And Marketing: What’s the Correlation

It is common for people to misinterpret the use of the word leads as it pertains to marketing. Generally, a lead is usually an individual or organization that is interested in the services your company offers. A lead is a person willing to buy your products or patronize your business; this interest is usually indicated through sharing contact information or even filling a simple form.

Marketing involves promoting a business on various platforms; it involves market research and advertising. Now, leads become a subject in marketing because they are important for generating customer’s interests, e-newsletter list, email marketing list and so on. This is what is referred to as lead generation. The generation of leads falls under the broad context of advertising.

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Naturally, when a customer signifies interest in a particular product or service, it is up to the marketers to make sure that this interest leads to eventual patronage. Leads may come from simple inquiries, personal referrals, telephone calls, advertisements, and even social events. According to a 2015 research conducted, it found out that 89% of respondents chose the email as the most common channel for generating leads. It was closely followed by content marketing, search engine, and social events.

After the generation of leads is the follow-up; marketers or salesmen have to constantly interact with these individuals so that they can become eventual customers.

Conclusively, leads and leads generation are in fact concepts in the broad field of marketing.

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