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10 Online Jobs To Make Passive Side Income


10 Online Jobs To Make Passive Side Income

Having online jobs that provide side income is a major advantage in our world today. Most times, you don’t even need a degree to earn more money. As long as you are well-versed in your area of expertise, you can make as much money as you want. If you are not well-versed, you shouldn’t be discouraged. All you have to do is learn. After all, life is all about learning. Studies have shown that about 100 companies hire more entry workers from home. Most times, it involves companies such as American Express, Xerox, Dell, and many others. You get paid well as long as you get to sell what you have. It mainly involves your skill in different areas of expertise.

Also, you get to be paid and also work in the comfort of your home. As long as you have Internet connection as well as other accessories that can make your video superb, you are good to go. You don’t have to worry about being punctual to work or even spend money on transportation. It saves time and is equally efficient. In this article, we shall consider ten (10) jobs that can be an additional source of income for you.

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Most times, a lot of people struggle to pass one course or the other. They need someone who can teach them the fundamentals in those courses. This is how you get to make your money. As long as you are well-versed in an area of discipline, teaching them will not be a problem. Sites like tutor.com pay a teacher at least $11hour.

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All you need is to set up a good video and have a good Internet connection. If you have a degree in English, you can also tutor kids from China. Sites like VIPkid, SayABC and so on enable you to earn money while you impart knowledge. However, you have to be a native speaker who lives in the UK or the US.


Freelance writing is one easy way by which you can earn up to six figures in a year. Freelancing writing is required early because of the need to update a website with good contents. These content help several audiences to meet their target audience and accomplish their goals. 

Having this skill is necessary to help you compete against other writers. All you need is to develop your skill, build a portfolio and apply for jobs.You have to  note that your portfolio is the only key that speaks for you. Ensure to build it well. Sites like Freelancer Writer’s Den pay you well for writing jobs.


If you have knowledge about coding or computer programming, this job may be fit for you. This is because every page needs UX and design. You get to create beautiful websites for companies and also drive sales. Most times, you have to be well-versed in how user experience and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) works. The company doesn’t not only care about its image but also the results. You have to be able to produce results. For instance, you can drive the target audience to buy a product through your skills.

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Blogging doesn’t work overnight. You need time and consistency to achieve results. However, you should note that it is a flexible job that produces instantaneous results over time. As your traffic increases, you can involve your blog in affiliate marketing. This enables you to promote seller’s products on your blog. You can also sell ads space to buyers to advertise their products and services. Over time, you make money from them.


If you are skilled and have a great sense of creativity, this job will be perfect for you. Being skilled involves making good use of design tools such as Adobe, Photoshop and other illustration tools. Moreover, you have to increase your level of expertise and show clients what you have got. You can enroll in online classes to boost your skill’s level and increase your chance of finding clients that pay more.


This usually involves listening to an audio and writing it down. Most times, you have to pay attention to every detail played in the audio to make you earn money. You must also be able to type fast to increase your income. Sites like TranscribeMe and others offer jobs to people.


If you are the type that receives lots of likes and comments from every post you upload, you may consider taking a profession through this. This is because a lot of people make use of different social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. You get to influence them through content to take action. It can be signing up for a mailing list, buying a product and so on. You can also create brand awareness for the company you work for.

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Different sites enable you to translate documents, conversation, writing and so on to different languages. You choose the type of language (French, Arabic, Italian and so on) you want to work on. Sites like Proz.com give you this advantage.


If you are the type that loves creating videos as hobbies, this profession may be perfect for you. Here, you get to create videos based on particular content and upload on your channel. Then, you get to promote and monetize your campaign through Google AdSense. You get to be paid for every ad that’s being clicked on your video and earn more money.


This type of job usually comes from insurance companies or travel-related businesses. They hire people to manage their customer’s service handle and online data entry. Upwork is  a good example to achieve this.

Having learned all these, you are advised to take action and not just waste time at home. The time you waste is the time some people use to earn their money. Find the one that is perfect just for you and take action.

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