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An Entrepreneur In The 21st Century: Awesome Tips


An Entrepreneur In The 21st Century: Awesome Tips

Jeff Bezos has overtaken Bill Gates to become the richest person in the world. Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest richest person in the world. There is a compilation of riches and wealth on certain lists generated by Forbes and other rating agencies every year. This list is dominated by people that share one single characteristic; Entrepreneurship

   With the advent of Facebook, Microsoft and other innovative tools that have made certain people become extremely wealthy, the attention of the whole world has been turned back to Entrepreneurship.

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Who is an entrepreneur?

   An entrepreneur is a risk-taker. An entrepreneur is one of the factors of labor and also the most important factor of production. In setting up a business, you will need some raw materials or starting materials, labor, capital, and entrepreneur.

This individual is the one that organizes and coordinates all other factors of production. Without an entrepreneur, no business is going to be a business.

   Without much ado, it can be said that the business is all about the entrepreneur and the he is all about the business. The determining factor of whatever will happen to a business can be quickly deduced by looking at the entrepreneur who handles such business. The creator, the Lord and the author and finisher of whatsoever business is the Entrepreneur.

If you see any thriving business, don’t bother looking at how much it took for it to start, how many people work for the business or how many resources were available to start with. One important thing that should be sort out for is who is the Entrepreneur behind this business.

   He is the life of the business.

   Let us look at an example of the the body system. The whole body is coordinated by the brain. Every action and reaction that takes place in any part of the body has been predetermined by the brain.

 If the body end up looking reckless, if any organ decides to fail or if everything goes on well, it is all due to the function of the brain.

The success and the failure of the business are determined by who the entrepreneur is.

Having seen that his work is very important, it is imperative to talk about what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

   This question has thrown up a lot of dust many times.

‘Are entrepreneurs born or made?’.

This actually should not be the appropriate question to ask. The appropriate question to ask should be,

‘What does it take to be an entrepreneur?’

Let us talk first of all talk about the term everyone loves using but never really ‘use’.


   Being consistent in anything will produce wonderful results that no other principle can ever give to you. Consistency simply means doing the right and appropriate thing DILIGENTLY at the appropriate time without losing focus or getting tired. This is a very great attribute that any entrepreneur must possess.

This requires a great level of SELF DISCIPLINE. Keeping up and doing what matters for your business despite all odds and at all times is a very great virtue. Most successful entrepreneurs have habits and characters that they have kept for years. They have exercises and routines that they carry out for their business that they do often. This requires a great level of self-discipline. As an entrepreneur, you never wake up every day feeling motivated. You have to just keep on pushing despite all odds.

Now, let us speak about the close ally of consistency; diligence. Diligence is doing what you are meant to do in the right and the best way you can. You strive to always give everything your best shot. No lackadaisical behaviour. No dulling. Keep pushing and keep going at the fastest pace. Do not stop!

Another attribute an entrepreneur possesses is BEING FOCUSED.

   He never gets distracted. He/She has a goal that he/she aims to achieve. Nothing is ever going to stop him/her. He has an end goal in mind. An entrepreneur always knows what is at stake and what will be the result of all the efforts. At one point or the other, you should not just look away and be carried away because of anything that is happening around you. To be an entrepreneur, you never lose focus.

An entrepreneur is an ‘action man’. To be an entrepreneur, you have to be ready to take action when it is needed. These actions will be well informed. He takes action while keeping in mind that any bad decision can ruin the whole business. So, to be an entrepreneur, you look at the situation of things, be firm, be courageous, be strong, and take those wonderful decisions.

In taking these decisions, not everything will work out well or come out as expected.

This bring us to the last and perhaps the most important thing on

‘What it takes to be an entrepreneur?’

To be an entrepreneur you must be a risk taker and you must never give up.

Yes! You must never give up. You take huge risk for your business. Most likely, your business may never grow if you refuse to stretch it further by taking risks.

  You may not end up having positive results in the risks you take. But you do not give up anyway. You just keep on trying and trying and trying smarter and harder.

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An Entrepreneur In The 21st Century: Awesome Tips

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