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7 Hard-Core LinkedIn Marketing Strategies You Should Not Skip


7 Hard-Core LinkedIn Marketing Strategies You Should Not Skip

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for promoting your business. With over 675 million users, it is one of the best sites to easily promote your brand and manage your networks effectively. Over the years, LinkedIn has been a vital tool for B2B marketers. This is mostly attributed to its professional operating style and network connection. Nonetheless, it is way ahead of other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more in terms of business strategies. This is because about 94% of people use LinkedIn for the promotion of content, marketing strategies and achieve optimal results. This article enlightens you on seven (7) crucial strategies for marketing your business on LinkedIn.

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Your company profile is the most integral part of your marketing strategies on LinkedIn. It is also where you market your products or services to potential customers. The outlook of your company must be built tactically and you can’t afford to make it look unattractive. To create a company’s page, cluck on “work icon”, scroll down and select “create a company page”. Your company profile must showcase the under-listed items.


This must be uploaded with a high-resolution image. In other words, it must be of high quality. The logo size is 300×300 pixels.


It must be about what the company is and what it does. This is where you market your products or services to potential customers.


Your company must have a website address. This is where your potential customers go for more information.

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Is it a small business with about 200 employees? Is it a medium or large business? Give a detailed description about its size and what it does in this section.


You talk about the location of your company here. If it is located in several places, you can use the headquarters’ location.


Here, you can discuss the niche of your business. Is it in the fashion industry or art industry? Pick a niche for your company.


Your content has to be rich and engaging. To promote it, ensure you are an expert in your field. Share insightful tips or posts that are educating and entertaining. Make it meaningful. Moreover, make your posts consistent. Ensure you post about 2-3 times a week. This is to target new customers and retain old ones. You can use images to boost engagements. Posts with images have about 98% engagement. Also, ensure your contents are backed up with links. Posts with links have about 45% engagement. In addition, make use of likes or add comments to a post. Don’t just upload posts that engage the audience. Engage in these posts yourself. Thank them for insightful tips and be discreet on controversial topics.


Hashtags are used to target new audiences or share insights on a particular content. They are most likely to be discovered by LinkedIn members. Just like you use hashtags on other social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram, LinkedIn support this cause as well. In fact, it suggests hashtags for basic topics or you can create  yours using the symbol “#”.

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LinkedIn groups create an excellent avenue to connect with people specialized in your niche. You make suggestions, debate on controversial issues, give helpful tips, and more. In short, LinkedIn groups make your content to be more visible to others. You can join an existing group or create one yourself. The purpose of joining groups is to make you more aware of the happenings in your industry. When you gain more knowledge, you learn how to solve trending issues that may seem difficult.


Your employees are your finest human resource. They are your brand’s ambassadors and can help your company’s network grow rapidly. You can ask them to link with your company’s page. This is because people prefer to interact with a company’s employee than with a company’s page. Ask them to share articles (events or blog posts) about your company. 


Native videos on LinkedIn get more engagement than videos shared with links. Since videos naturally stand out from other pieces and are a good social media marketing strategy, it is best to optimise them effectively. This is to achieve the optimal results. Ensure you are creative with your videos. Share insightful tips, give advice and give outstanding opinions about your niche or industry. Aside from this, you can also market your products or services through this medium.


LinkedIn ads are strategically used to reach a wider audience. They provide the solutions to market your products or services to new customers. This is done through sponsored content, text ads or sponsored inMail.

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Sponsored content is used to target new people than you going through the organic method. 


They are pay-per-click ads. They appear on the homepage, group page, and more.


Sponsored InMail and Email marketing share similarities. Here, personalised messages are sent to the inbox of members. They are only delivered when they are online thereby increasing their chances of being noticed.


LinkedIn marketing strategies are vital for any business. They help you to target more customers who later turn to clients and serve as referrals to other customers. Ensure that your strategies are put in place strategically to achieve optimal results.

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