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How To Set Up Effective Facebook Ads For Your Business In 2020


How To Set Up Effective Facebook Ads For Your Business In 2020

Facebook has the highest daily visitors among all social media platforms. With a vast amount of users, it is therefore an ideal platform to promote your brand to potential customers.

Since Facebook business evolves daily, advertisers seek for new opportunities to target new audiences or retain potential customers. However, there are several types of Facebook ads to choose from.

Most times, you may even end up choosing the wrong type that will not produce the best result. Nonetheless, this article enlightens you on the effective Facebook ads that are fit for your business.

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Facebook ads are advertising tools that are used for businesses. It can be used to reach potential customers or have a wider reach.

They usually appear in the News Feed on your mobile phones or desktops. Sometimes, you see an ad about a social action your friend has taken (liking a page) or vice versa. 


The objectives of Facebook ads are divided into three categories – awareness, consideration, and conversion. 


These are used for brand awareness or to have a wider reach. 


They are used to make people think about your business. They can be used in blog posts, video testimonials, coupons, email newsletters and so on. Types include traffic website, engagement, app install, lead generation, messenger ads and more.


They are used to drive people to take an action like buying a product or requesting a service. Types include conversions, product catalogue sales and store visits.


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Lead ads were created to make people connect to businesses in a more natural way. Here, customers enjoy all the offers available to them on Facebook. This means that they do not have to leave their Facebook page to fill a form on a business’ website. Instead, it possesses all the necessary information like emails, phone numbers at hand to fill a form, without a user doing it again. Through this, potential customers can easily sign up for offers or request something like a free trial without leaving the Facebook app.


Facebook is a grey platform to promote content through videos. Thanks to its billion users, millions of people watch one video or the other on a daily basis.  In fact, brand awareness increases by 139% through the use of videos. Aside from this, 90% are compelled to take action after watching a video.

In short, video ads are a great medium for generating engagements, advertising products or services, capturing people’s attention through sounds and motions and compel people to take action. Adide for this, they are used in promoting brand awareness and gain wider reach since videos automatically play when users scroll up.  However, people usually prefer short videos that communicate precise messages since 15-30 seconds videos perform best.


Minimum dimensions: 600×315 pixels

Copy text: 90 characters

Maximum video length : 120 minutes ( 15-30 for optimal performance)

Maximum file size:4GB


This type of ad performs much better than a regular Facebook ad. They were typically designed to generate more website visitors, improve better conversion rates and improve marketing results. Also, it is vital for businesses who want to showcase multiple products or services using one ad. Here, different images or pictures are displayed within an ad unit to appear in a news feed. Each picture usually has a title, description and destination link within the carousel. Your link can also contain a call-to-action to increase conversion rate. To maximise its potentials to the peak, arrange your pictures in a story-telling order.

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Image size: 1080× 1080 pixels

Minimum width/height : 600×600 pixels

File size: 30MB per image


Video size: 1080×1080 pixels

Minimum width/ height: 600×600 pixels

File size: 4GB


Copy text: 90 characters

Headline text: 25 characters

Link text: 30 characters


Link clicks are used to measure the amount of interest your ads generate on or off Facebook. They help to promote websites by sending a customer to a landing page or a certain blog post. One great deal about it is that it can be placed in a variety of ways. This way, ads are distributed among multiple News Feed and more audiences are targeted.


Recommended Image size: 1,200 × 628 pixels

Copy text : 90 characters

Headlines : 25 characters

Link text : 30 characters


Canva Ads promote businesses by compelling consumers to take action. They tell product stories in an effective way to make customers finish them from the first one to the last. Canva Ads enable consumers to watch engaging photos or videos,  swipe through carousels and more. They don’t just watch the stories. They are captivated and get engrossed in it. This is one of the effective ways to promote products for brands.


Image size: 1,200×628 pixels

Copy text: 90 characters

Headline description: 45 characters


Facebook ads are effective in promoting your brands to a wider reach. Consider the best one for your business and use it strategically for your business.

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