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7 Online Business Ideas In Nigeria To Monetize


7 Online Business Ideas In Nigeria To Monetize

Online Business in Nigeria has become popular nowadays. With your smartphone or laptop, you can easily make transactions and trust that your goods will be delivered. After all, internet users in Nigeria is about 98.3 million and it is projected to rise to 187.8 million by 2023.

This vast human resources have made online business more lucrative than the regular business. You don’t need to aim for a shop in an extremely busy location or how exposed the business is. Instead, you just need your smartphone or laptop to set things right. Afterwards, you begin to make sales in no time. This article enlightens you on seven (7) online business ideas in Nigeria that are highly lucrative.

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Affiliate Marketing is known to be a legitimate business in Nigeria. Although it’s worth millions of naira, it is yet to be fully explored in the Nigerian society.  Here, you refer people to buy a particular product from the merchant website to earn a commission.

When you register as an affiliate marketer on the merchant’s website, you get a unique link. This unique link can be placed on different platforms like your blogs, email lists, social media, and more. You earn a commission after the person buys a product through your link. To achieve this goal, ensure you have a particular niche you are known with. This way, you will make progress faster. Some of the affiliate marketing networks to explore include Amazon Affiliate, Jumia Affiliate, Konga Affiliate, and more. 


Blogging is another lucrative online business in Nigeria. Blogging involves focusing on news or views. To start this business, ensure you get a domain name and hosting site in place to look professional. Ensure you upload valuable content to increase visitors or traffic.

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These visitors can turn to be subscribers which enhances your blogging community.  To monetize your blog, you can make use of ad platforms like Google AdSense. Aside from this, you can customize other plugins like WordPress, Medium, Blogger, and more if you are not interested in Google AdSense.


Several freelancers make over $1 billion on different platforms every year. This is one of the lucrative businesses yet to be fully explored. It involves working from home by selling your skills.

These skills include writing, graphics design, translation, programming, transcription, and so on. Just find the one you are really into. This job seems to be the best option for students or people who want a passive income. Freelancing jobs can be sourced on different websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, Toptal, and several others.


If you are the type that often deals with video, then you can earn a large amount of money. Online Business Video also known as Vlogging can be lucrative if creatively optimised. Here, you just need to create videos with valuable contents and upload to the right platforms. YouTube is usually the best avenue for this.

Here, your niche could be various segments like sports, news, entertainment, tutorials, fashion, and so on. Grow subscribers on this page and monetize it through Google AdSense. You can also make use of other platforms like Vimeo, DailyMotion, and even social media like Facebook. 


Since several brands or businesses see the need to go digital nowadays, there is a need for web designers and developers. Website designers involve the use of graphic elements to improve the outlook of a site. Meanwhile, website developers upgrade a website to make it more functional.

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This is done through the use of programming languages like JavaScript, PHP, and more. Aside from this, you can also be an app developer as lots of people access the internet through the use of their mobile phones. To achieve this, invest in yourself. Learn the appropriate skill needed to make this work. Most tutorials or online classes are usually free nowadays. Engage in them.


Many people want to learn different skills nowadays. They probably do this to make themselves better or earn more. These skills include web designing, graphics designing, business management, and many more. If you know you have the knowledge to impact knowledge on others, create an online course. Market and Sell it online. Several websites that involve this include Udemy, Alison, Teachable, and so on. 


Dropshipping involves selling to consumers directly from a marketer or a wholesaler. You don’t need a warehouse to engage in this business. All you have to do is to be a retailer that markets the manufacturer’s goods to the audience.

Here, you take orders from a consumer and send it to the manufacturer who ships it directly back to the consumer. For instance, if a bottle of Eva water costs N50, you can make it N70 on your website. Once a consumer requests an order, you take it to the manufacturer, pay him his N50 while he delivers the goods to the consumer. The shipping fee is on the consumer as well.


There are several lucrative online businesses in Nigeria. Find the one that suits your needs. Be passionate about the business and also ensure it is profitable. That way, you will easily earn your money.

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