How A Website Redesign Can Improve Your Conversion And Sales


The average smart business owner knows better than not having a website. What many business owners don’t know is when to redesign their website and why they should. Conversion rates, usability, SEO, and security are vital to any medium or small-scale business. is why your website needs a redesign every 2-5 years.

What is website redesign?

This is a makeover of your site from its smallest to its largest components. This includes its user experience (UX), code, functionality, and overall appearance. Think of it as a shop or office renovation; only this time the redesign is taking place in an online space.

When you redesign your site, there’s an improvement to how it feels and looks as well as new features to ultimately generate impressive results.

And what sweet benefits does your business stand to enjoy?

Improved SEO Ranking

Whether it’s the first or second time you are designing, a website that is well-designed automatically means a boost for your search engine ranking. If you didn’t get it right the first time, redesigning with search optimization in mind is one way to put your site at the top of SERPs to grab organic traffic.

Visitors have a high tendency to stick around when they tap your site link and there are led to a modern website. You also get more backlinks when your website is well done.

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Improved Branding

You may be wondering how web redesign will do this but it’s simple psychology. Users recognize consistency and a revamped website will help you make that statement. Thereby promoting the recognition of your brand and consumer trust.

When it comes to websites, first impression matters, and visitors are 94% influenced by your site design on the first click. Your brand’s credibility and image are also evaluated by how your site looks.

Increased Leads and Sales

With the web, redesign comes brilliant conversion optimization features and strategies. And conversions remain the main focus of any brand website. The best way to do that with a new look is to present a stream of info that guides them to buy, subscribe or request more info in a tight chain link.

Improved Information Stream

Your website is where consumers go to find you and everything about your business without meeting you or stepping into your office space/store. This alone is why site info and content should be directed at helping potential clients glean as much information as possible about what you offer/provide.

People love to have each access to the information they want whether it’s about your products and services or your brand story. Having an optimal flow of/for all information is the way to do this.

Reduced Costs

While a website redesign will help you boost your revenue by a large margin, it would also help to cut down on certain costs incurred just running a website. Your shiny new redesigned website will function more efficiently and take up less space on your server.

With an improved website, you can integrate more useful features you avoid spending money fixing functionality issues.

On your business’ website, you get to control your brand image and the impression people have of your brand as a whole. Here, you don’t have to adjust your content to suit a certain format like you would on social media platforms. You have complete autonomy to do what you think works for your brand. So what do you think guys? Does your current website reflect what you want potential customers to see? If the answer is no then it’s time for an update.

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