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Project Overview:

Nifty League is a game studio at the cutting edge of Web3 and pioneers in decentralized game development. Their mission is to create a studio of unparalleled quality and player experience to inspire other indie developers to build a decentralized future with us.


Despite raising a little over $5M in their first round and selling out their NFT collection, the platform still had serious problems with onboarding new players and player retention. Starting from the marketing site to the game app, there was inconsistent flow, insufficient information and a cluttered dashboard with so many buttons that seemed to jump out at you all at the same time. This made it difficult for new players to understand how to use the platform. Additionally, there was insufficient information provided on the site and app, leaving players unsure of what to do or where to go next.



The use of tracking tags and analytics tools was necessary in the design process in order to understand how users were interacting with the platform and what improvements could be made to enhance their experience.


- Improve the UI/UX of the app through app redesign and create a visual hierarchy to guide players through the platform - Implement a progression system using design as an effective way to improve player retention for the game.


The Degens page contains the list of all of the NFTs ever minted. Users can filter the Degens they want to rent by tribe, price, multiplier, rental queue and more. Users can also see the amount of NFTL it would cots to rent that particular Degen NFT. There is also a search bar at the top for users to search for specific NFTs


The games page contains all the existing games on the platform in card form. The cards are detailed and they contain instructions needed for the user to be able to access the game. User has the option of playing via a desktop app or playing in the browser. Metamask authentication is required.


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