RoboDex De-Fi Yield Aggregator

Description :

Robodex is a decentralised Dex and yield farming platform that enables users earn rewards from farming and staking. Yield farming is a way to make more crypto with your crypto. It involves you lending your funds to others through the magic of computer programs called smart contracts. In return for your service, you earn fees in the form of crypto

Problem Statement:

Yield farming is not an easy task. Experienced farmers are usually very secretive about the best yield farming strategies, making it very hard for new, enthusiastic farmers to make money from Defi Yield Farming. Yield farming isn’t simple. The most profitable yield farming strategies are highly complex, they can only be developed by experienced farmers, and if you don’t understand what you’re doing, you’ll likely lose money Many unsuspecting users also fall victims of Smart contract hacks, and Regulatory risk from fraudulent platforms.


Robodex has created a means to minimize the risk in Defi Yield Farming by creating an easy to use user-centric platform to yield farm. Our platform will recommend the best farming strategy, fast trade as well as offer best trading fees to users.

Three companies that offer similar service were examined; their weaknesses and similarities. These will help us decide how to fashion our website and service in the best possible way


To give users smooth experience, I followed these processes. Started with User Research to find the solution and ended it with the prototype.


User research focuses on understanding user behaviour, needs and motivation through observation techniques, task analysis and other feedback methodology. We have followed two research methods i.e Qualitative and Quatitative Analysis


UX roles are created to fill different parts of the design process. As a team, we were responsible to conduct all kinds of UX activities and there are some of the deliveries we produced.


Prototype Play